Monday, 24 March 2014

No substitute of exercise for a healthy back

The key to preventing lower back injury and pain (LBP), whether work-related or not, is physical conditioning. "Getting into shape" involves the overall conditioning of the body and Aerobic exercise plus the exercising of the core muscles are both critical for developing healthy and pain-free backs.

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Mobility and flexibility of the lumbar region seems to be another factor. However, that doesn't mean that strong and supple back muscles, if you have them, are a bad thing. Nevertheless, developing them by using exercises that are conventionally prescribed for a strong and flexible back sometimes inflicts injury. So, if neither strength nor lumbar flexibility guarantees a healthy back, then what does?

The biomechanics of the back suggest that muscle endurance is more protective than mere strength.

The way to achieve and maintain spinal stability is to:

- Exercise all these muscles in a special way - by sparing the back
"Sparing" means exercising with the spine in a line with no additional load.

The focus is on selecting the most appropriate types of exercises and the best way to conduct them to make you fitter without injuring yourself or having a back pain. Ideally you should have a set of exercises tailored to your individual objectives and ability. Because we are unable to satisfy every individual's needs, we can suggest only a rather generic set of exercises that we hope will suit the majority of working people.

Always consult with a doctor, medical professional or a best spine rehabilitation center in Gurgaon before beginning any type of exercise program. 

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